Multiple Accounts

Just like a regular banking app, Hexa allows you the convenience of having multiple accounts within your wallet. The Checking Account is meant for day-to-day transactions. The Savings Account allows you to hodl sats and bitcoin. Additionally, the Savings Account is 2FA protected for extra security. Other accounts help you donate sats to your favourite causes, purchase sats within the wallet, etc. More accounts would be added soon.

Donation Account

When you add a ‘Donation Account’ on Hexa, there is no personal information attached to it. The wallet asks you for a few details that you want to publish and generates a ‘Donation web view’ link. You can copy this link anywhere, from your Twitter profile, or your GitHub page or send it on an email. You also get an option to copy a piece of code that you can embed on your website. That’s it; now, you can start receiving donations directly in your Hexa wallet’s Donation Account.

2FA based multisig

Your Savings Account is unlocks at Level backup and is protected by 2 Factor Authentication. This creates an added layer of security for sats and bitcoin that you hodl in your wallet. Also, the wallet itself is backed-up using Shamir Secret Sharing based multisig algorithm. This ensures that there is no single point of failure threatening your wallet’s security.

Test account

Use this account to understand the features of the wallet. Use the Test Account to send and receive Test sats (called tsats) and get comfortable transacting in real sats. You can also learn how to batch your transactions and send sats to friends and family.

Seedless distributed backup

The backup scheme uses a multi-platform, multi-contact, and multi-device approach. Five fragments are created using a cryptographic scheme called Shamir Secret Sharing such that three of them are needed to restore the wallet. Spread across independent and unrelated sources, it makes loss and theft of your wallet impossible unless you lose 3 of your Recovery Keys.

Batch send

Individual transactions cost fees. If you plan a little in advance, Hexa allows you to batch your transactions, thus saving you transaction fees. You can batch transactions in any combination, varying from sending sats to multiple friends simultaneously to sending sats to friends, service providers, and different accounts within the wallet simultaneously.

Bitcoin exchange compatibility

Easily get sats within the wallet as Hexa is compatible with multiple exchanges like Swan Bitcoin, Wyre and Ramp. Use Apple Pay, Debit/Credit Card (in select locations) to source sats and bitcoin.

Send max

Wish to empty a particular account and transfer sats elsewhere? Use the Send Max feature and you should be able to do so in seconds.

Custom fees

Hexa allows you three options to choose from, that determine how fast your transactions get completed. However, if you wish, you have the liberty to customize how much fees you pay and thus how fast (or slow) the transaction gets completed.

Friends and Family

Hexa allows you three options to choose from that determine how fast your transactions get completed. However, if you wish, you have the liberty to customize how much fees you pay and thus how fast (or slow) the transaction gets completed.

Gift Sats

Send a gift link or QR code to anyone with preloaded sats. The recipient receives Gift Sats without having to interact with you again. You will know when they have accepted it into their wallet; else, you can even reclaim it. There is no need to ask the recipient to download a wallet, then ask for an address, and finally send. And unlike in the case of a paper wallet, you are not left wondering if they transferred the sats into their wallet for safekeeping or they did not care and threw away the piece of paper. Also, once they have accepted the Gift Sats, they can send it to someone else if they want to, without incurring a fee. Like passing a digital paper wallet.