Hexa FAQ

Hexa is a non custodial bitcoin wallet application intended to improve the accessibility of bitcoin to the general public while maintaining the tenet of self sovereignty that bitcoin is built on.

How do I start using Hexa?

Like any other app, you can download Hexa from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store (attach links). On installing Hexa, you will be prompted to set your PIN followed by a screen which allows you to create a new Hexa Wallet.

I want to use Hexa but I already use another wallet. How do I switch?

You can transfer your funds from another wallet to an Hexa Wallet address just like transferring money to a friend. Note that this transfer is not immediate and depends on the Bitcoin blockchain’s blocks to get confirmed, which may take anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours.

What is the difference between a non custodial wallet and a custodial wallet?

A non custodial wallet is one where the service provider (aka us) has absolutely no control over your bitcoin private keys. A custodial wallet is one whose function is very similar to bank apps, where you don’t have direct control over your funds.

What is the difference between a Hexa Wallet and a normal Bitcoin Wallet?

A normal Bitcoin Wallet relies on you remembering a set of words (often called a “mnemonic”) or a secret number (your “private key”) and losing these renders your account unusable. Hexa aims to simplify this by allowing you to recover access to your funds by splitting your seed into multiple parts (called “Recovery Shares”) shared between you and your Guardians (trusted people whom you can rely on in the event of emergency, like your mother)

What are Recovery Shares?

Recovery Shares are encrypted parts of your seed that are split and shared with your Guardians. Hexa creates 5 Recovery Shares, and having access to any 3 enables you to recover your wallet. These shares are encrypted, so no one can read them without you requesting for them in the event of an emergency.

Do I need to take backup? Can I use the wallet without setting up backup?

Yes, you should! It takes less than 2 minutes, and you should stop scrolling Instagram or TikTok and do this immediately. You can use your wallet without setting up a backup but if you lose your wallet or phone, there’s no one to run to.

How do I see the current status of my backup?

Click on the shield icon at the home screen on the app. This should take you to a page which contains detailed information on the status of your backup.

Is this scheme secure?

Good, you’re paranoid, and rightfully so. We use Shamir’s Secret Sharing (a well studied cryptographic primitive to split secrets) to split your seed into multiple parts. If you like to geek out about this kind of stuff, checkout our whitepaper at link.

What is a Test Account?

A test account contains test bitcoins for you to try bitcoin without actually buying bitcoin. The best part is you can even send money to your friends like normal bitcoin, so you can experience bitcoin and checkout what it has to offer.

Can I buy something with the funds in my test account?

Test bitcoins are like Monopoly money, you can play good games but you can’t buy anything with it in the real world. Just like you cant’t go about spending Monopoly dollars at Starbucks, you can’t spend test bitcoins in the real world either.

Why is my balance in sats?

Sats is short for satoshis or one in a 100 millionth of a bitcoin. Think about it this way, is it easier to say you spent 0.0005 on a cup of coffee or to say you spent 50000 sats on coffee?

How do I buy real bitcoins?

You need to burn together a strand of elf hair, a mammoth tusk, and the skull of a rhino at 12 in the night to buy one bitcoin.


No, its not that tough, you can buy bitcoin through:

– Custodial Exchanges like Binance, Coinbase and Kraken

– Non custodial, P2P Exchanges like HodlHodl


or ask your friend if they have bitcoin, anything works. Buying bitcoin depends on your jurisidiction as well, so please make sure you abide by the law, and welcome to the crazy world of bitcoin!

What is the difference between a Checking Account and a Savings Account?

A checking account is designed for daily use, like coffee, or casual shopping. A saving account is one where you would deposit (hodl) your funds for a while, and withdraw them only when necessary (buying a car for example). The checking account is easier to spend funds from (you wouldn’t call up your bank to buy coffee daily, would you?) and the savings account requires some extra steps in order to spend funds from (you would call up your bank if you’re spending $30000).

What is 2FA? How do I setup 2FA?

2FA or two factor authentication is an additional authentication method used in parallel to your primary authentication (in this case, Hexa). Setting up 2FA is as easy as downloading a 2FA App (liek Google Authenticator) and scanning a QR code.

How do I use 2FA to access the savings account?

First, you’d need to setup 2FA on your savings account. To do so, click on “Savings Account” in your home screen. If you’ve not setup 2FA before, a QR Code should appear along with a “2FA Secret”. Scan the QR using your 2FA App or type the code into your 2FA app, store the secret as Hexa and you should be good to go.

First, you’d need to choose your destination address, amount, and fees like you would when spending from a Checking Account. Then, you would need to open your 2FA app, grab the Hexa code displayed on the screen, and type it in your “Confirm Transaction” box. Once you input the correct 2FA code, you will be able to spend money from your savings account.

Can I withdraw funds from the Savings account like the Checking Account?

Yes, the process for spending from a Savings Account is the same as that of a Checking Account. You would choose your destination address, amount, and fees like you would when spending from a Checking Account, and before you can send bitcoins, you will be prompted for your 2FA code which you setup earlier. Type in the 2FA code from your app and you’re good to go.

Someone wants to send me bitcoins to get started. What should I do?

On the main screen, click on the account where you’d like to receive funds and click on the “Receive” button. You will be presented with a QR code, which you can then send to your friend. Please make sure that you send the right QR because funds sent to the wrong address are not recoverable by anyone.

My friend just sent me some bitcoins and its not showing up on my account.

Transactions can take 30-120 minutes to get confirmed, and in some cases even more. If your funds are not showing up even after waiting for two hours, try refreshing the app by pulling down on the account screen. If this doesn’t work, try closing Hexa and opening again. Also don’t forget to make sure that your friend sent bitcoin to the right address. If they sent it to the wrong address, there’s nothing Hexa can do to get your (or your friend’s) funds.

I want to send bitcoins to my friend. How can I?

On the main screen, click on the account where you’d like to receive funds and click on the “Send” button. In the next screen, paste or scan the QR of your friend’s Bitcoin address, Enter the amount in the box below the “Address” box, add a description (for your reference), and choose how fast you want your friend to receive money. Once you’re done and whenever you’re ready, click on “Confirm” to send your friend bitcoin.

The shown fee is too high, is there a way to reduce it?

Of course, there are three options available based on how fast you want the receiver to receive bitcoin: low, medium and high. If these don’t work out for you or if you don’t mind waiting for a while, check back on fees in 5-6 hours. Chances are the network is a bit congested and you might be lucky later.

This Hexa thing is not for me, I want to use another wallet.

Oh no, that sucks. Moving away from Hexa is as simple as sending all your money to a bitcoin address. Make sure to transfer money out of your Checking and Savings Account before uninstalling the app. If there’s something you would like to share with us about the app, or would like to provide general user feedback, please write to us at hello@bithyve.com.

What future functionality are you looking at integrating into Hexa?

There are tons of interesting things on our roadmap. Be sure to follow us at our twitter and medium handles to be the first to try our new features out.

I like your roadmap and want to help add new features. Where do I get started?

All of our code is open source on GitHub and we’re always looking for contributors. Feel free to make a change, issue a Pull Request, or open an issue if you’re facing any, and we will address it immediately. If you’re interested in joining the team or exploring career options, send us an email at hello@bithyve.com and we can get started.

I set my PIN to 1111. How can I change it?

Who doesn’t set their password to 1111 at some point? Click on the three dots at the bottom of the home screen and click on “Manage Passcode”. Enter 1111 under the “Please enter your existing passcode” box and set a new passcode. Make sure you set a good one!

I lost my secondary device. What do I do?

Click on “Savings Account” on your main screen and click on the “Send” button. Scroll down and click on Forgot 2FA and then follow the steps on the screen.

I lost my primary phone. What do I do?

First up, get a new phone and get your life back in order. You’re using Hexa, so your Wallet is the least of your worries. Second, download Hexa on the new phone, click on “Recover Wallet” and follow the instructions there to recover your Wallet and Hexa will be back in shape like nothing ever happened.

What information does Hexa store?

I guess you are expecting 10000 lines here but we don’t have that 🙁 Ours is only 20 lines and you can check it out at https://hexawallet.io/privacy-policy.

Does Hexa use a third party server?

Hexa uses Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud for its node and relay servers respectively.

Does BitHyve have access to my money?

We have enough resources, so no, we don’t have or need access to your money.

I heard about something called GDPR.

Ok nerd, here you go: https://hexawallet.io/privacy-policy. Prepare to be disappointed in advance, its only 20 lines.

I need more information

Reach out to us at hello@bithyve.com and we’re happy to help.