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Self Sovereign, Secure, Simple, Smart and Stable. BitHyve is on a quest to achieve all this, in a nutshell the quest is to make sound money simplified. The soundness comes from the bitcoin protocol and simplification from expertise in creating customer focused digital applications.

Introducing Hexa Wallet

There are some great wallets out there but describing them is pretty simple — choose one of the following: ‘too-complex’, ‘custodial’, ‘privacy-leaking’ or ‘not-so-secure’. For advanced users, wallets like Samourai and Wasabi are pioneers in privacy tech. Ledger and Trezor take a security first approach…

Liquid: Bitcoin’s sidekick?

Buried under the news of the market crash (another one) and Nouriel Roubini’s rhetorics (again) was an announcement that would have caught your attention if you were interested in the technical infrastructure development of the crypto space and not just the price or MSM headlines. It was about the…