Introducing Distributed Recovery Scheme

Hexa Wallet Sharing Scheme - Shamir Secret Sharing

Multi-source backup and recovery using Shamir Secret Sharing

Highly resilient and can be used with or without the mnemonic (seed phrase). Trust minimised through our unique multi-device, multi-platform and multi-contacts approach.

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Democratising Personal Finance

Simplicity for everyone

HexaWallet - Bitcoin non-custodial wallet. Shamir Secret Sharing SSS

  • Familiar account based UI for managing different address groups as with banks and other financial service companies
  • On-boarding and help screens for ongoing education of the user
  • Sending money to friends using in-app address book

Secure by default

  • Secure P2P wallet communication ensures the ability to have contracts between bitcoin wallets
  • Create joint accounts, add time lock to your accounts or lend money to a friend, all with just a few clicks

Self-sovereign design

  • BitHyve is a software provider and not a financial services company. Our wallets are non-custodial and a user always has the control of her keys
  • Our architecture ensures that we can not monitor, censor or have control of users funds at any time
  • 'Friends & Family'  network or peer trust is used to add resilience

Enabling True P2P Commerce

Smart Communication

  • Secure P2P wallet communication ensures the ability to have contracts between bitcoin wallets
  • Create joint accounts, add time lock to your accounts or lend money to a friend, all with just a few clicks

Stable value

  • An in-app mechanism to peg your funds to any currency
  • Trust-less way to ensure the value of your funds even if BitHyve vanishes from the face of the earth as all transactions are secured on the blockchain
  • Receive salary and pay invoices as you would do in a normal bank account 

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Anant Tapadia

Anant Tapadia - CEO BitHyve Hexa wallet Bitcoin

  1. Founder - Vision, Strategy & Execution

Passionate technologist who believes in marrying the disciplines of computers, finance, economics and cryptography on open blockchain platforms to produce revolutionary products and solutions.

Arpan Jain

Arpan Jain - CTO Partner BitHyve Hexa wallet Bitcoin

Partner - Technology, Operations & People  

Technology enthusiast working towards goal of “Cryptocurrency adoption by solving real world use cases”. Arpan comes on board with entrepreneurial experience in Marketing Technology, eCommerce & Blockchain.

Ali Meer

Ali Meer - Partner BitHyve Hexa wallet Bitcoin

Partner - Architecture, Solutions & Engineering

Blockchain and CryptoFinance Expert. Firm believer and proponent for decentralisation. Ali comes on board with Vast experience in Digital Banking working with largest banks in UK and EU. He also has hands on technical knowledge of key cryptocurrency platforms.


Prasad Prabhkaran - Partner BitHyve Hexa wallet Bitcoin

Partner - Product, Marketing & Relationship

Digital Transformation leader with startup mindset. Prasad comes on board with hands-on experience in building Digital, AI, Blockchain Products & Platforms and in result oriented IT Transformation.

Parshva Jain

Parshva Jain - Core Developer BitHyve Hexwallet Bitcoin

Principal Engineer - Blockchain

Parsh's research and development interests spans across open blockchains, cryptography and distributed computing. He advocates widespread use of strong cryptographic primitives and privacy-enhancing technologies as a route to social and political change.

Varunram Ganesh

Varunram Ganesh - Blockchain R&D Lead BitHyve Hexa Wallet

Blockchain R&D Lead

Varunram is a cryptocurrency researcher and open source enthusiast interested in building systems that expand the reach of technology to more people. He is an active member of  lit, the Lightning Network Implementation at the MIT Media Lab. A Bitcoiner at heart, he loves projects that challenge existing paradigms and likes to believe in a future where people have fine-grained control over their data and money. 

Surbhi Audichya

Surbhi Audichya - Blockchain Developer BitHyve Hexa wallet Bitcoin

Blockchain Developer

Experienced financial and non-financial blockchain full stack DApp developer. A firm believer and supporter of decentralized applications. Passionate to work on projects that promote decentralized governance.

Appasaheb Lakade

Appasaheb Lakade - App Developer BitHyve Hexa wallet Bitcoin

App Developer

Experienced mobile app developer with commercially successful apps under his belt. Appasaheb brings on board insights into mobile security and robust app development along with a focus on usability.

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