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Test Account

Learn the Basics

What is a bitcoin address? How to send bitcoin to someone? What does transaction confirmation mean? The Test Account helps you learn Bitcoin while exploring the features of the wallet.

Checking  Account

Manage Your Bitcoin

The Checking Account is a single signature account for frequent spends and transferring sats to friends and family.

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Backup on the Cloud or using Seed words

Choose your backup type

Backing up your wallet safeguards it against theft or loss of phone. With Hexa, you can backup your wallet onto your phone’s cloud storage or use seed words for the purpose. Using seed words ensures that your wallet’s backup and recovery is not dependent on your cloud service provider.

Sending to contacts

Seamlessly Send Sats

Tag Uncle Sam or your colleague Alice as Friends and Family in Hexa. Send them sats without asking for their bitcoin address each time. For each transaction, a new address is generated behind the scenes. Pay two or more addresses simultaneously in batch processing and save on transaction fees.

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Compatible with Bitcoin exchanges

Stack sats without any hassle

Hexa integrates with services like Swan Bitcoin, Ramp and Wyre, letting users stack sats using the wallet. Once you are ready to hodl, you can initiate the process within Hexa and finish it with sats deposited in one of the Accounts in Hexa wallet. Hexa does not need and does not collect user data. Any information required by services is to be directly provided to them.

Built by Bitcoiners for your
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Meet Our Team

Non Custodial Bitcoin Wallet

Learn how Hexa works

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